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San Francisco Clothing:

Because Fashions Change, Classics Evolve.


For nearly fifty years San Francisco Clothing on New York's Lexington Avenue has been known for its unique collection of women's wear. Each piece is laced with the romance of history in a setting with the feel of an old-world emporium.


Between mellow oak display cases filled with accessories and stacks of antique hatboxes, you'll find an evolving collection of timeless classics. From carefully crafted shirtings and effortless linens to taffeta jackets that evoke old Hollywood glamour and authentic Loden coats, each piece is selected for quality, style, and durability. 


Much of our clothing is inspired by the hearty and functional appeal of work wear from the turn of the century.  Immersed in and inspired by art and history, we seek to modernize for fit and function, color and fabrication. Even though we update each season, we build wardrobes over time. 


Ever thinking about our customer, we strive to produce easy to wear, functional, and comfortable pieces that allow you to shine through, look and feel great.


We are proud to continue manufacturing the majority of our clothing—the Partman & Partman Collection—right here in New York City. 

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